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'In my experience, Adele and her team at Woodthorpe Comms stand out in their field for their pinpoint targeting of stories, and because they make a particular effort to get to know the journalists who might use their content and what might appeal to them. Invariably quick to respond, they are extremely professional in their approach, and can see the benefit in all sorts of coverage, from the largest piece to the smallest line.'

Dominic Connolly, Arts Editor
The Mail on Sunday

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'Adele is a dream to work with, not only does she listen to what it is I need (and delivers) but I often get an email with the comment ‘saw this and thought of you guys’ making me feel like an actual person and an actual mag she cares about, not just another journalist.'

Melonie Clarke, Staff Writer at The Lady
The Lady

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'I have worked with Adele for many years, and there is one main reason for that: she is very, very good at her job. Now she runs her her own agency and the people who work for her are very, very, very good at their jobs, too. She understands PR, and how PR should work for journalists, better than anyone.'

Paul Wilson, Acting Features Editor at Esquire

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'Adele and her team are always a pleasure to work with. They are full of brilliant ideas, fun while being unfailingly professional‹not to mention genuinely lovely people. I especially consider Adele a friend and wouldn't hesitate recommending Woodthorpe Comms to everyone I know.'

Fiona Hicks, Deputy Editor of Readers Digest
Readers Digest

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'I have been working with Adele and her team at Woodthorpe Comms for the past three years. It is always very straight forward and they know exactly what is wanted and always deliver on their promises. A pleasure to work with and always friendly and efficient.'

Thomas Whitaker, Deputy Editor at Hello


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'Woodthorpe are a joy to work with. They are bright and enthusiastic and always puts lots of energy into their work. The team is great at delivering what I need to know about their clients and always pitch news ideas for articles where clients can feature. They give me quick bullet points when I might not have time to talk at length about press releases, and that’s the most impressive of all in this demanding job.'

Vicki Marie Cossar, Health & Interiors Editor

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“I have worked with Woodthorpe Comms at Shortlist, The Sun and the Mail on Sunday, and have always been hugely impressed with the team. They have an almost telepathic ability to know what journalists want, and to provide it to insanely tight deadlines. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Tom Bailey, Tech Editor
FS Magazine, Shortlist Magazine and The Sun

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'The Woodthorpe Comms team are great to work with and so efficient, always sending me just what I need when I need it. They understand how I work and what I like so I only ever end up with products that I am most likely going to shoot. I have known Adele for her whole career and believe 100% in her ability to PR any company successfully'

Gemma Hayward, Senior Fashion Editor

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'Adele is a fantastic pr and a pleasure to work with. She is very reliable and extremely efficient at getting samples and information to me quickly. She is very passionate about the brands she represents, and at the same time she is aware of the needs of the publications she is pitching to.'

Samantha Webster, Pictures Director
The Sun

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'Woodthorpe Comms is always professional, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.'

Marcus Jaye, Creative Director
The Chic Geek

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'Adele Woodthorpe is as charming as she is convincing. Ever ready to help, she’s always represented her clients in a clear, concise and appealing manner.'

Mark Hedley, Editor
Square Mile Magazine

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'Adele has always managed to pr her clients in such a charming way that you have no idea you’ve been pr’d. Always friendly and efficient a winner combination.'

Peta Hunt, Editor at Large
You & Your Wedding

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'Adele is a dream PR and her friendly, charming manner makes her a joy to work with. She has a great understanding of her clients needs and how that marries up to our readership and it is always a pleasure to do business with her. The Woodthorpe Comms team are super efficient with images, copy and samples always delivered and I look forward to working with them again soon.'

Toby Hancock, picture editor
Daily Express

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'Working with Woodthorpe Comms is always a pleasure. They pitch stories and brands that fit our audience and are always quick to get images and information over when we need it. The team understand what we need and how to deliver it.'

Gregor Rankin, Publisher at Food and Travel Magazine
Food & Travel Magazine